Thursday, 9 May 2019

Terb is losing its hold

Terb is losing its hold

Terb has been well known for providing reviews of various massage parlors and escorts. It serves mainly in Ontario, Canada (with primary focus on the "GTA" greater Toronto area). 
Terb has been functioning for many years and also been regarded as "the top" review board in Ontario, Canada. Not only has Terb been a service for providing reviews linked to various escorts but also functions for the advertiser's. 
BUT for the past few years, Terb has been losing its impact. Terb has found that various competitors within this industry is the prime reason behind the loss of popularity.

Terb functions in presenting various experiences of clients regarding escorts and massage parlors. Also creates a detailed profile of all the escorts and advertiser's.
In the past few years, this site has come across a lot of criticism. It has also been found that Terb went to the extent of accepting bribes in order to promote certain agencies and escorts in particular. 
Clients, escorts and the massage parlors are now losing faith in using the services of Terb. The massive decline in quality of service is said to have been a direct result of frustration the company has faced due to excessive competitive pressure. 
People are now turning away from Terb and looking for a similar alternative of service providers, who guarantee a higher quality experience.

According to various sources, it has also been brought to the attention that Terb was not functioning in accordance with various law enforcement rules and regulations. Canada absolutely prohibits and condemns human trafficking.

As an alternative, SPs and clients  can now opt for new platform known as instead of Terb in Canada! offers similar services as Terb. It also functions as a review forum with greater impact than Terb has been gaining momentum and popularity each day with its superb quality of service and transparency, dealings and understanding of this industry.

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Monday, 29 April 2019

Massage Republic Ending services in the US

Massage Republic is going to end all their services in the US from 1st May. It has been confirmed from various sources that Massage Republic is quitting all their services due to the new US based law known as “Fosta-Sesta”. It is really a bad news for all the US based advertisers.

 All the listings, accounts and associated data of all the advertisers are going to be deleted in the next 10 days. If the advertisers are having any other listings in other countries, they will be intact and only those associated with the US site is going to be removed. 

The company recommends all the advertisers to carry on with their listings on Slixa which is a high-quality platform and covers each and every major city in US and Canada. The service of Slixa has been set up by people who care about the advertisers and also helps the advertisers by providing them various leads from high-end clients.

All the data concerning the US users, is going to be deleted from 1st May on wards. The company is shutting down all their services due to an initiative by the US Government in order to combat all kinds of exploitation and human trafficking. 

Such things were already enlisted as illegal under the US law and with the advent of the new legislation, a stop has been applied to all the platforms in the US which encouraged all kinds of acts regarding human-trafficking and other stuffs. 

It has been found that the advertisers in this platform ranged from people with good economic condition to those who suffered from poverty.

As an alternative, people can opt for another new platform known as instead of Massage Republic in Canada, which offers somewhat similar services like Massage Republic.

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Monday, 22 April 2019

What do sex workers want? | Juno Mac Explains

Sex worker Juno Mac share what she think about sex work.

Juno takes you through the four main legal models addressing the sex industry and explains why they and sex worker around the world believe decriminalization and self determination are the only way to keep sex workers safe

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Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Red Light Canada - Has Removed All Escort, Massage, Dom And Fetish Links

Red Light Canada

If you have come across Red Light Canada looking for adult entertainment services in  Canada, you might just be looking in the wrong place. Red Light Canada was the complete guide to X-rated services, and was the top choice for those looking to have some adult fun in Canada. Covering almost all the major cities within Canada, it was no surprise the site has had a decrease in traffic since removing all escort listings. The content on the site is genuine and all the services mentioned could be trusted upon. This is a website that put a lot of research into behind the scene details before any adult service was posted on the website.

City Guidelines and Regulations 

You can still browse adult services based on the city you live in. Canada is quite extensive and the rules and regulations for sex industry is a tricky one. The website's city guides would give you the required information on adult services for different cities. Red Light Canada focuses on all the details in each and every province/city such as laws relating to prostitution, strip club etiquette, sex shops, swinging societies, to name a few. With this being said, whichever major city you are located within Canada, you can always go through the guidelines and have all the fun while being compliant to the local rules and regulations.

Escort Services

Red Light Canada did provide information on Canadian escort services that was reliable. Whether you where looking for an independent escort or an escort agency, you could have found one of which you were seeking on this site. There was a wide range of date types available as well, from super luxurious to the more affordable date. With Red Light Canada's escort service guide you would be able to choose from a near by service provider/agency. All the directories and agencies mentioned on this site were genuine and reputable.

Other Adult Services

The website also provided information on the adult massage spa's. If you are looking for an exceptional sensual massage, Red Light Canada was a great site that and would lead you to the best options available. Red Light Canada could also help direct you to the top rated Strip Clubs. If you are searching for a great venue to host your bachelor party with some lovely showgirls to provide adult entertainment, the website guided you with that as well. You can also look out for package deal that offer's great value for your money. Swinging events and erotic sex parties are easy to find also! Just select a city on the site and you will be guided to paradise!

Finding Escorts, Massage, Dom and/or Fetish providers in Canada

Since Red Light Canada removed all service provider links have fulfilled that void by providing a list of genuine provider's along with reviews. has become the new go to site when looking for genuine service provider's across Canada, no matter what city, town, day or night can help you find adult fun for any occasion.

Friday, 29 March 2019

What Do Escorts Actually Do With Clients?

What Do Escorts Actually Do With their Clients?

Learn about what goes on between an escort and clients 

Find out the truth and nothing but the truth

Take a sneak peek into the life of an escort

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Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Hey have you heard about

Hey have you heard about

Are you sick and tied of the fake ads on LeoList

Hey have you heard about

Gentleman are you sick and tied of the fake ads on LoeList?

Did you know there is a  way that you could find out which ad is real or fake.

Hey have you heard about was created for Female Escorts, Massage Providers, Dom, Fetish and client's who use the personal's section of Leolist.

 No more bait and switch!! Leave the guessing game out, go with a provider who has been reviewed on 

Tuesday, 19 March 2019


 erotic massage canada

Erotic massage has been around the block for ages, right from the ancient times. Recently, this massage spectrum has picked up quit rapidly, thanks to the coverage through digital media.

Over the past few decades, more and more awareness about Erotic Massage has been spread across the world. Canada has some of the most sophisticated Erotic Massage Provider's, implemented with highly effective techniques to achieve the most effective satisfaction.

Erotic Massage offers a ton of benefits and perks to the client ensuring that you get the best experience. You must get an erotic massage from people who have the expertise and skills.

 canada erotic massage has a forum section with listings of some of the best Massage Providers across Canada. Here is a list of benefits that one can experience from a Canadian Erotic Massage:

  • Awakening of Senses: Our bodily senses usually go to semi-sleep mode, if you do not really stimulate them. These sensory elements are a very important part of the body’s natural healing mechanism. Erotic Massage can help you by leaps and bounds in this aspect, as the erotic massage stimulates and awakens your senses, thus contributing to your healing mechanism.

  • New ways of experiencing pleasure: Erotic massage offers you a unique and new way of exploring pleasure. You will be shocked to see how well you can be pleasured through this type of massage.

  • Full-pledged Orgasms: Erotic Massage involves sound, breathing, and movement to achieve a full body orgasm. You will be amazed by this type of orgasm.. Very difficult to accomplish through general practices.

  • A complete Stress-buster: Of all the massage types, Erotic Massage has been acclaimed as the best! When it comes to relieving stress, a Erotic Massage can give you peace of mind.

To find a list of Erotic Massage providers across Canada CLICK HERE NOW

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Tuesday, 12 March 2019

LeoList Review the Good and Bad about the personals section

Let's face it since the shutdown of the popular website Backpage, the personals section of LeoList has become the new alternative in Canada for female escorts, massage, dom and fetish ads.

LeoList was created a few years back out of Vancouver, Canada as a classified ads website. As of December 18th 2014 LeoList was taken over by a new company based out of Hong Kong called Unicorn Media Limited looking to take advantage of the high demand for escort ads across Canada. 

Now, if you are interested to know more about LeoList, just browse through! 

The good and bad about the personals section of LeoList

The Good

Leolist takes care to see that there is an option for verified picture . The verification team ensures the girls take a picture holding a piece of paper with "LeoList" written on it along with the date. 

This makes it easy for clients looking for genuine ads. If you are seriously looking for an escort, LeoList may make a good option.

LeoList is very user friendly and easy to use weather you are an escort posting ads or a client looking for service providers.

The Bad 

However, the bad with leolist is that it has become just like backage with fake booker's, fake ads, low ballers, time wasters, scammers and the list goes on. This is an major issue for both escorts and clients, they are finding it hard to deal with. 

Leolist is also believed to be charging too much money to post ads, there have being lot's of complaints from service providers on review boards across Canada. 

There are some tricky ads in the personal section as well that need to be looked into by the site. While LeoList looks attractive with verified ads, most are stolen photos from other verified providers.

So far, LeoList have made it to the top of the list as an alternative to backpage and starting to attracted huge amounts of traffic across Canada, service providers and clients who once used backpage are now using LeoList. 

The personal section of LeoList is a great site to find escorts, but it is saddening to note that faking is causing disappointment this is driving both service providers and clients crazy. While the escorts want to keep fake booker's away, the clients want true ads. 

To eliminate these problem's a few entrepreneur female providers have created their very own escort review forum call review forum was created for Female Escorts, Massage Providers, Dom, Fetish and client's who use the personal's section of LeoList.

After the shutdown of backpage there was a lot of confusion all over the place about where to advertise, now its safe to say LeoList and are putting things back on track. 

 Leolist Reviews forum

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Friday, 1 March 2019

Why do most Escort's fear being reviewed?

Let's face it ladies, the review's will happen. Some welcome review's.. some dread it.

There is no way around it. 

Why do we have fears about review's? 

Some client's get extremely into detail. Now this can be positive or negative, depending on each personal encounter. 

What if a client was having a bad day or week prior to seeing you? He may take it out on you via review. 

What if we are not feeling 100% our sexy selves and the body is just not as we want because we had lunch! (how dare we eat a meal correct?!)

What if a client has a certain expectation of what a nipples, clit or pussy lips should look? We are not all made to look the same. 

We get ridiculed and picked apart on a daily. 

Although we have to deal with this on a daily basis, there is a benefit to being reviewed!

Although this is a draining process, the positive is that client's can look at review's to be ensured that we are authentic.

Photo's are current (we don't look 15 year's older then what we have posted)
Nor have we stolen photo's from Instagram.

We will be able to conduct our business as professional Service Provider's, continue to give A class service to those who respect our time and service.

With this being said, there is a a great forum for us provider's, created by provider's who use LeoList to eliminate all the hassle of low balling our rates, fake booking's, time waster's and unsafe/dangerous client's.

Ladies see below for a few tips that will guarantee you more bookings on a daily basis! Along with more high end clientele, weed out the leolist low baller's and fakes.

Step #1. Get your clients to leave you review's on

Step #2. When posting your ad's on put the link to your review's at the bottom of your ad. 

Every Provider who advertise on leolist. who is authentic, who enjoy what they do should also post a free ad in the forum section of This will ensure your clients that you are 100% authentic and not here to scam them.

FACTS! Review sites is a must for client's in Canada due to the new law on prostitution. It is legal for a female to sell her services BUT illegal for a client to buy.

With this being said, high end client's who are Business owner's, Lawyer's, Doctor's, Judge's, Athlete's, Celebrities the list goes on.. IS NOT going to pick a provider unless she has some review's bottom line! There is TOO MUCH TO RISK. 

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Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Warning Read This Review Before Using |

Since "feb 2018" was shutdown for good by the "FBI" there is no dough that the adult section of backpage was the #1 source for adult fun across Canada.

To fill the void there was so many new website popping up weekly trying to be the new backpage as of now "Feb 2019" think it's safe to say have become just that. 

 Leolist Reviews

If you have come to visited looking for escorts across Canada you are not alone. 

The personal section of has become the favorite website for female escorts, massage, dom and fetish across Canada but for some it's the absolute worst place to find an escort because there are so many fake pic's, frauds, cops, and unknowns.

However do have an verified pic section to cut out the fake but so far girls have just being taking advantage of this feature. 

Girls are just stealing pic's from other SP's with verified status, using it to trick clients to believing they are actually real pic's.

 Leolist Reviews

In order to eliminate these problem we have come up with a review forum called, here you can post reviews on who is a rip offs, which ad is real and which is fake verified or not. 

For the SP's there is a section for blacklisted clients who used along with no shows to cut down the amount of fake bookings providers get on a daily basic. also includes a listing section for female escorts along with massage services, dom and fetish this is to help you connect in a safe an secure way.

No more bait and switch leave the guessing game out and go with a provider who have being reviewed on

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Sunday, 17 February 2019

Female Providers Launches Review Forum For LeoList Across Canada | Press Release

Canada's Adult Playground

By Provider's for Provider's

For RELEASE DATE : 03/01/2019

Female Providers Launches Review Forum For LeoList Across Canada

After posting on several different directories, forums and classified websites across Canada many providers are still not able to get a bang for their bucks when it comes to advertising escort services.

Several service providers have decided to start their very own CANADA WIDE REVIEW FORUM and ESCORT LISTING'S website.

After the shut down of Backpage many providers have being scrambling to find a new alternative website. So far in Canada have become the new backpage.

However has become just like backpage with fake ads, fake booking's, low ballers just to name a few.

In order to eliminate these problem's a few providers living across Canada have come up with their very own escort review forum/escort listing website called 

Now these intelligent, entrepreneur female providers are striving to create a safe online community and looking to make the number one review/escort website in Canada.

Coming this February 18th, 2019 will be in pre-lunch mode. As of  March 1st /2018 we are proud to announce that we will be going live online across Canada.

Female escort ads, Massage, Dom and Fetish listings along with a Canada wide review forum for providers to post ads and clients write reviews.

For those Gentlemen who are tied of the leolist ripoffs, fakes and looking to connect with a genuine companion who love what she does check out Canada's Adult Playground. 

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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

LeoList Reviews

Welcome to! This review forum was created for Female Escorts, Massage Providers, Dom, Fetish and client's who use the personal's section of

Real reviews from clients who used LeoList along with %100 verified service providers

Gentlemen have you ever booked time with a Service Provider? Then upon arrival, there the photo's do not match up, just fake news?!

Providers are you not sick and tired of the no shows, fake inquiries and negotiators?

1. Gentlemen will always go with an escort who has been well reviewed. This creates less of a concern for possible career termination with the future in mind "It is illegal to buy sexual services in Canada"  Stop getting fooled by fake ads.

2. Providers cut out the fake bookings and no shows by using the blacklisted clients section 
along with screening tools to help you verify if your client was mark safe or unsafe by other providers. is a online community for Service Providers who love what they do and clients who do what they love.

Whether you are looking for a Female Escort, Massage Provider, a Dom or Fetish Mistress, is here to provide a successful community to work and play safe.

No more bait and switch!! Leave the guessing game out, go with a provider who has been reviewed on

 LeoList Reviews

Visit Forum's for Discussions, Reviews, Live Chats, SP's ads along with Client Reviews.