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LeoList Review the Good and Bad about the personals section

Let's face it since the shutdown of the popular website Backpage, the personals section of LeoList has become the new alternative in Canada for female escorts, massage, dom and fetish ads.

LeoList was created a few years back out of Vancouver, Canada as a classified ads website. As of December 18th 2014 LeoList was taken over by a new company based out of Hong Kong called Unicorn Media Limited looking to take advantage of the high demand for escort ads across Canada. 

Now, if you are interested to know more about LeoList, just browse through! 

The good and bad about the personals section of LeoList

The Good

Leolist takes care to see that there is an option for verified picture . The verification team ensures the girls take a picture holding a piece of paper with "LeoList" written on it along with the date. 

This makes it easy for clients looking for genuine ads. If you are seriously looking for an escort, LeoList may make a good option.

LeoList is very user friendly and easy to use weather you are an escort posting ads or a client looking for service providers.

The Bad 

However, the bad with leolist is that it has become just like backage with fake booker's, fake ads, low ballers, time wasters, scammers and the list goes on. This is an major issue for both escorts and clients, they are finding it hard to deal with. 

Leolist is also believed to be charging too much money to post ads, there have being lot's of complaints from service providers on review boards across Canada. 

There are some tricky ads in the personal section as well that need to be looked into by the site. While LeoList looks attractive with verified ads, most are stolen photos from other verified providers.

So far, LeoList have made it to the top of the list as an alternative to backpage and starting to attracted huge amounts of traffic across Canada, service providers and clients who once used backpage are now using LeoList. 

The personal section of LeoList is a great site to find escorts, but it is saddening to note that faking is causing disappointment this is driving both service providers and clients crazy. While the escorts want to keep fake booker's away, the clients want true ads. 

To eliminate these problem's a few entrepreneur female providers have created their very own escort review forum call LeoListReviews.com.

LeoListReviews.com review forum was created for Female Escorts, Massage Providers, Dom, Fetish and client's who use the personal's section of LeoList.

After the shutdown of backpage there was a lot of confusion all over the place about where to advertise, now its safe to say LeoList and LeoListReviews.com are putting things back on track. 

 Leolist Reviews forum

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