Friday, 1 March 2019

Why do most Escort's fear being reviewed?

Let's face it ladies, the review's will happen. Some welcome review's.. some dread it.

There is no way around it. 

Why do we have fears about review's? 

Some client's get extremely into detail. Now this can be positive or negative, depending on each personal encounter. 

What if a client was having a bad day or week prior to seeing you? He may take it out on you via review. 

What if we are not feeling 100% our sexy selves and the body is just not as we want because we had lunch! (how dare we eat a meal correct?!)

What if a client has a certain expectation of what a nipples, clit or pussy lips should look? We are not all made to look the same. 

We get ridiculed and picked apart on a daily. 

Although we have to deal with this on a daily basis, there is a benefit to being reviewed!

Although this is a draining process, the positive is that client's can look at review's to be ensured that we are authentic.

Photo's are current (we don't look 15 year's older then what we have posted)
Nor have we stolen photo's from Instagram.

We will be able to conduct our business as professional Service Provider's, continue to give A class service to those who respect our time and service.

With this being said, there is a a great forum for us provider's, created by provider's who use LeoList to eliminate all the hassle of low balling our rates, fake booking's, time waster's and unsafe/dangerous client's.

Ladies see below for a few tips that will guarantee you more bookings on a daily basis! Along with more high end clientele, weed out the leolist low baller's and fakes.

Step #1. Get your clients to leave you review's on

Step #2. When posting your ad's on put the link to your review's at the bottom of your ad. 

Every Provider who advertise on leolist. who is authentic, who enjoy what they do should also post a free ad in the forum section of This will ensure your clients that you are 100% authentic and not here to scam them.

FACTS! Review sites is a must for client's in Canada due to the new law on prostitution. It is legal for a female to sell her services BUT illegal for a client to buy.

With this being said, high end client's who are Business owner's, Lawyer's, Doctor's, Judge's, Athlete's, Celebrities the list goes on.. IS NOT going to pick a provider unless she has some review's bottom line! There is TOO MUCH TO RISK. 

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  1. Awesome post thanks for putting it out there this is so true

  2. All true what you wrote, but I sincerely hope it become like sp411 that site is designed to smear good names and use even at times violent reviews.
    I don't fear reviews, and if someone has a real complaint about my service I want to know so that I can address it.
    But what I read most of the time from "unregistered" users is nothing more than a smear campaign.

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    1. Keep in mind was created by Providers for Providers so no vile/damaging reviews are potentially damaging to ones reputation.

      When a client writes a review of a provider we reach out to her personally to confirm review is accurate.

      Only clients who take this industry seriously as a hobby and Service providers are allowed to write reviews also the must be a registered member. is here to create a safe online community for both Service Providers and the Gentlemen who are tried of the leolist fake ads just looking to connect with a genuine courtesan.