Monday, 29 April 2019

Massage Republic Ending services in the US

Massage Republic is going to end all their services in the US from 1st May. It has been confirmed from various sources that Massage Republic is quitting all their services due to the new US based law known as “Fosta-Sesta”. It is really a bad news for all the US based advertisers.

 All the listings, accounts and associated data of all the advertisers are going to be deleted in the next 10 days. If the advertisers are having any other listings in other countries, they will be intact and only those associated with the US site is going to be removed. 

The company recommends all the advertisers to carry on with their listings on Slixa which is a high-quality platform and covers each and every major city in US and Canada. The service of Slixa has been set up by people who care about the advertisers and also helps the advertisers by providing them various leads from high-end clients.

All the data concerning the US users, is going to be deleted from 1st May on wards. The company is shutting down all their services due to an initiative by the US Government in order to combat all kinds of exploitation and human trafficking. 

Such things were already enlisted as illegal under the US law and with the advent of the new legislation, a stop has been applied to all the platforms in the US which encouraged all kinds of acts regarding human-trafficking and other stuffs. 

It has been found that the advertisers in this platform ranged from people with good economic condition to those who suffered from poverty.

As an alternative, people can opt for another new platform known as instead of Massage Republic in Canada, which offers somewhat similar services like Massage Republic.

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