Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Warning Read This Review Before Using Leolist.cc | LeoListReviews.com

Since "feb 2018" backpage.com was shutdown for good by the "FBI" there is no dough that the adult section of backpage was the #1 source for adult fun across Canada.

To fill the void there was so many new website popping up weekly trying to be the new backpage as of now "Feb 2019" think it's safe to say Leolist.cc have become just that. 

 Leolist Reviews

If you have come to visited Leolist.cc looking for escorts across Canada you are not alone. 

The personal section of Leolist.cc has become the favorite website for female escorts, massage, dom and fetish across Canada but for some it's the absolute worst place to find an escort because there are so many fake pic's, frauds, cops, and unknowns.

However Leolist.cc do have an verified pic section to cut out the fake but so far girls have just being taking advantage of this feature. 

Girls are just stealing pic's from other SP's with verified status, using it to trick clients to believing they are actually real pic's.

 Leolist Reviews

In order to eliminate these problem we have come up with a review forum called leolistreviews.com, here you can post reviews on who is a rip offs, which ad is real and which is fake verified or not. 

For the SP's there is a section for blacklisted clients who used Leolist.cc along with no shows to cut down the amount of fake bookings providers get on a daily basic.

Leolistreviews.com also includes a listing section for female escorts along with massage services, dom and fetish this is to help you connect in a safe an secure way.

No more bait and switch leave the guessing game out and go with a provider who have being reviewed on Leolistreviews.com.

 LeoList Reviews

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Female Providers Launches Review Forum For LeoList Across Canada | LeoListReviews.com Press Release

Canada's Adult Playground

By Provider's for Provider's



For RELEASE DATE : 03/01/2019

Female Providers Launches Review Forum For LeoList Across Canada

After posting on several different directories, forums and classified websites across Canada many providers are still not able to get a bang for their bucks when it comes to advertising escort services.

Several service providers have decided to start their very own CANADA WIDE REVIEW FORUM and ESCORT LISTING'S website.

After the shut down of Backpage many providers have being scrambling to find a new alternative website. So far in Canada Leolist.cc have become the new backpage.

However LeoList.cc has become just like backpage with fake ads, fake booking's, low ballers just to name a few.

In order to eliminate these problem's a few providers living across Canada have come up with their very own escort review forum/escort listing website called LeoListReviews.com. 

Now these intelligent, entrepreneur female providers are striving to create a safe online community and looking to make LeoListReviews.com the number one review/escort website in Canada.

Coming this February 18th, 2019 LeoListReviews.com will be in pre-lunch mode. As of  March 1st /2018 we are proud to announce that we will be going live online across Canada.

Female escort ads, Massage, Dom and Fetish listings along with a Canada wide review forum for providers to post ads and clients write reviews.

For those Gentlemen who are tied of the leolist ripoffs, fakes and looking to connect with a genuine companion who love what she does check out LeoListReviews.com Canada's Adult Playground. 

 LeoList Reviews

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

LeoList Reviews

Welcome to LeoListReviews.com! This review forum was created for Female Escorts, Massage Providers, Dom, Fetish and client's who use the personal's section of leolist.cc.

Real reviews from clients who used LeoList along with %100 verified service providers

Gentlemen have you ever booked time with a Service Provider? Then upon arrival, there the photo's do not match up, just fake news?!

Providers are you not sick and tired of the no shows, fake inquiries and negotiators?

1. Gentlemen will always go with an escort who has been well reviewed. This creates less of a concern for possible career termination with the future in mind "It is illegal to buy sexual services in Canada"  Stop getting fooled by fake ads.

2. Providers cut out the fake bookings and no shows by using the blacklisted clients section 
along with screening tools to help you verify if your client was mark safe or unsafe by other providers.

LeoListReviews.com is a online community for Service Providers who love what they do and clients who do what they love.

Whether you are looking for a Female Escort, Massage Provider, a Dom or Fetish Mistress, LeoListReviews.com is here to provide a successful community to work and play safe.

No more bait and switch!! Leave the guessing game out, go with a provider who has been reviewed on LeoListReviews.com

 LeoList Reviews

Visit LeoListReviews.com Forum's for Discussions, Reviews, Live Chats, SP's ads along with Client Reviews.